Aurebesh Vaccination Card

Andrew Matthews Design

We travel the galaxy as part of our job. It's important to always be vaccinated. Wether you're on earth or in the far reaches of the outer rim. To travel safely you need your shots!

While stopped over at Earth we took the opportunity to get our first shot of COVID-19 vaccine. We still have one shot to go. To celebrate and to have a little bit of fun we made our own Aurebesh Vaccination Cards. You can download your own and print and cut them out and fill out as appropriate. If you have a light card stock that helps add some heft to the card use that.

Head on over to the listing to grab the free PDF. Enjoy, have fun.

**Note** This is not a real vaccination card and its not trying to be. We believe vaccinations are an important part of being a good human being. We are fully vaccinated and enjoy the protection it gives not only us but other around us. It also lets us travel to other parts of the world when things open up a bit more.



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