Burgundy Squadron

Burgundy 10 checking in. I’m Dree'v but you can call me Drew, its easier to remember. I grew up on Onderon. But spent most of my time following the family around rebel bases. Dad was a “teacher” is as best I can put it. Tho he spent lots of time working various positions within the Rebellion.

Since I joined Burgundy Squadron I’ve already seen some action. Within the last few rotations I’ve been stationed on Tatooine. Here’s a quick scan of where I’m staying. That’s my T-65 in the background there. She’s seen some stuff. Could use a wash if I’m being honest. Last mission saw a few of us settling some discrepancies between the locals and some insurgents on Savareen. Which isn't surprising given the constant hyperfuel crisis.

When I’m out on patrol I’m always looking out for interesting trinkets and souvenirs from around the galaxy. Guess I picked that up from my mom. I love to trade with other pilots add my trinkets to my cockpit to remind me of different places I’ve been, battles I’ve flown in.