You might have questions. We may provide answers...

How often do you ship?

We try to pack and ship your purchased scraps the same day. SInce we are just starting out we don't have much of a schedule.


I have a problem with my order!

Oh no, thats not good. Let's make it great. Shoot us a communication galacticsurplus@gmail.com with the details and photos if possible and we will make sure you get sorted out!  You can also use the contact form.


How are your pinback buttons made?

Great question! These pinback buttons are hand crafted by a Canadian living in Northern California. We design in-house and get a printshop to print out our buttons. They are hand cut and assembled in our spacecraft.


Why is shipping so expensive?

We are a tiny shop. We just can't do free shipping. We are however, figuring out ways to lessen the pain of galactic shipping costs and packing in some extra goodies when we can. Those goodies might be stickers, or magnets or extra buttons. :)


Why so political?

Our home is located in a country that is currently being run by somebody who is clearly unfit to do so. This isn't up for debate. While we cannot legally vote. We can choose sides and ways to support the candidates we feel fit for office. If you're so made that we haven't included who you support we will gladly create a custom 1.25" pinback pin for your candidate of choice at the cost of $10,000 USD + shipping.


Additional questions?

Feel free to contact us from the contact page.