Mandalorian Font (Free download)

Mandalorian Font (Free download)

Example art by Aurek Fonts

Su cuy'gar!

Some people have wondered and some have even asked. Where is your Aurebesh font from? Specifically we have our own version of Aurebesh that we've created ourselves. We use this font on about 90% of our designs with additional tweaking. Sometimes we use strokes in Illustrator to mimick "Bold" but no official Bold version actually exists.

While our version of Aurebesh isnt publically available. We were tinkering with a Mandalorian font that was just sitting around. (Seems Mandalorian is all of a sudden popular, who knew)

With all of this in mind our friends at Aurek Fonts reached out and inquired about helping to finish off this font. While we would have loved to finish this off ourselves We just didnt have the time with a day job and a family to get things going. Especially if we didnt have an immediate use for it.

Without further a do. We present the Mando AF Classic font. This is inspired by the Mandalorian font from Philip Metschan's Attack of the Clones design. 

This is the first font I've ever helped to release into the wild and would not be possible without the help of Aurek Fonts and their tireless work in maintaing some of the best fonts inspired by a galaxy far far away.

You can head over to Aurek Fonts Mando AF Classic page for the download. and also check out the rest of the fonts gathered there. Its quite a resource.

If you end up using this font in something please let us know. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @galacticsurplus


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