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Aurebesh Pro Font

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Aurebesh Pro Font

This is a multi weight font based off the canon letterforms of Aurebesh found in the Star Wars universe.

Font Weights

The font comes in multiple weights. This download contains all the weights.

  • Ultra-Light
  • Light
  • Regular
  • SemiBold
  • Bold
  • ExtraBold
  • Black


This font was specifically designed for use in Adobe Illustrator and has been tested as such. If you have a problem with the font you can let us know by emailing us the details of the problem as well as any screen shots to help us realize what's happening. Email bugs or requests to

What if you update the font?

When you purchase a copy of Aurebesh Pro you will get an instant download of the latest version of the font. Any subsequent updates to the font we will send you an email allowing you to download the latest font. Significant updates to the font will happen until the font is "complete". 

Font roadmap (updated when the font is updated)

v1.2 (Mar, 2022)

We repackaged the font to include both the single file variable font as well as all the weights of the font individually. This should help folks on older software that doesn’t support variable fonts (looking at old versions of photoshop). Nothing else has changed with the glyphs just some fresh exports and a slight naming update.

We also included a read me.


v1.001 (Dec, 2021) - First Update!

Aurebesh Pro now includes capitals along with lowercase glyphs. Capitals are larger sized glyphs that maintain the same weight. So you can easily use Capitals like they do in the Rebels TV show.

This version also includes Tech numerals. Available via the Open Type menu in Illustrator and selecting Tabular Lining.

Various other glyph improvements:

  • H was widened

  • N was modified

  • ? was deleted and redone

  • Various other pixel shifts and fixes. If you find something let us know.


v1 (Nov, 2021) - Font is released to the public for sale includes 7 weights and a complete alphabet with numbers and some punctuation.

vX (Upcoming) - Larger capital glyphs with current sized lowercase glyphs. This will let you have an optional larger Capital letter with the same weight as the rest of your type.

vXX future considerations:

  • Proper Italic
  • Additional Glyphs
  • Alternate Numbers (Tech Numerals)


• This license is between you and Drew Matthews.

• This license is not exclusive. This license is not transferrable.

• The font is only for personal, non-commercial use. If you want to use this font commercially, you must first purchase a commercial license. To purchase a commercial license, please contact galactic

• You may not resell or redistribute this font or a modified version of the font.

IMPORTANT! This font is provided “AS IS.” I'm not a font wizard. If installing this font on your computer causes a problem it's your fault.