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Galactic Surplus Co.

Galactic Barcode Font FREE

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Galactic Barcode is a font that lets you generate a Galactic style Barcode. It's great for making stickers or stencils for your cosplay projects.

No more making rectangles and aligning them. Each letter of the alphabet has its own pattern. Includes both upper and lower case so you can mix and match. Space is equal to the smaller width of a character. Each character should stand up against the other.

This font is used at your own risk. Has only been tested with Adobe Illustrator on a Mac. We cannot promise that this font will work for you. If this font screws up your machine, that's on YOU!

Please read the enclosed Read Me for full details.

You may not resell or redistribute these vectors.

IMPORTANT! This font are provided “AS IS.” I'm not a font wizard. If using this font on your computer causes a problem it's your fault. 

DOUBLE IMPORTANT: We deliver these files via email. That makes it easy for us to update the files should something change or there are additions etc. You DO NOT need to sign up for marketing emails to get this FREE download. If you mistakingly get subscribed and don't want fun emails that come once a month (or less). Then either check the box not to get marketing emails or unsubscribe.