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Galactic Surplus Co.

Jedi Fallen Order & Survivor Vectors FREE

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I've spent a decent amount of time inhabiting the being that is Cal Kestis. But I've spent even more time taking photos and making neat vectors of the designs I find. 

I present to you. An incomplete set of vectors inspired and captured through the lens of Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor. This will get updated when I feel like it.

IMPORTANT! These vectors are provided “AS IS.” I'm not a vector wizard. If using these vectors on your computer causes a problem, it's your fault. Requires Adobe Illustrator.

DOUBLE IMPORTANT: We deliver these files via email. That makes it easy for us to update the files should something change or there are additions, etc. You DO NOT need to sign up for marketing emails to get this Free download. If you mistakingly get subscribed and don't want fun emails that come once a month. Then, either check the box not to get marketing emails or unsubscribe.